PLEASE SEE OUR WAGYU BEEF ORDER FORM for prices, cuts, sizes available, and minimum order requirements.

New Items

  • Kebab meat to marinade and cook on the grill – $12.99/lb
  • Navel Plate to make Beef Bacon – $9.99/lb
  • Suet to make tallow for cooking, or to make soap and candles – $4.99/lb
  • Marrow Bones for your dog or your soup – $2.00/lb


  • Handmade Wagyu Tallow Soap (limited supply) – $5.00

Minimum Order Requirements

Please include a roast in your steak order. There is no minimum order to purchase items in the roast or miscellaneous categories. The purchase of steaks requires a minimum order of one steak and one roast.


All cuts are USDA-inspected, frozen and individually vacuum packaged. As long as the vacuum is intact, beef can be frozen for several years without losing quality.


Steaks are approximately 1″ thick and tenderloins are approximately 2″ thick

Order Pickup

Order pickup is by appointment only. We do not offer shipping at this time.

Payment Options

We accept cash or checks. We do not accept credit cards at this time.