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From the Author

Pam Armstrong, LVT

Many people consider Wagyu beef to be the most tender and flavorful beef in the world. The cattle used to produce this beef are docile with good temperaments, and they are known for their intense intramuscular marbling, high fertility rates and ease of calving. Why wouldn’t a cattle farmer want to raise Wagyu?

The internet is flush with information about Wagyu, some of it is accurate and some of it is misleading. This handbook is designed to help breeders decide whether or not raising this breed is the right choice for them. Peer-reviewed journals and academic textbooks were used to create this handbook, and world-renowned Wagyu experts were consulted. There are good opportunities for producers who are informed, careful and realistic. There are many variances within the Wagyu breeds and bloodlines; as well as differences between short and long-fed animals, and results of different feeding protocols.

Wagyu are very special animals; they are considered a national treasure of Japan. I hope you enjoy and appreciate them as much as I do.




“This is the most comprehensive overview I have read…Hence, my gratitude in sharing this for all to learn and enjoy.”

– L. Bjelvin, Wagyu Breeder in Norway


The Wagyu Breeder Handbook “is so well written and of value to all Wagyu breeders and interested individuals. It will be my go-to reference when people ask questions about anything Wagyu.”

– J. Evans, VMD, Veterinary Embryologist and Wagyu Breeder in McConnellsburg, PA, USA


“Wow! I just started to read the first few pages. It’s such a well-written book. The details are better than on many websites.”

– Jimmy Wong, Malaysia